Anonymous : What is it and Who’s behind it?


On Feb 28, Interpol proclaimed it had in remission twenty five suspected members of the international hacker group Anonymous.
The arrests, carried out in additional than a dozen cities in Europe and Latin america, resulted within the arrogation of many items of PC instrumentation, mobile phones, credit cards, and cash. (It also was followed by an apparent attack on Interpol’s web site.)
The suspects, reportedly aged between 17 and 40, were believed to be designing coordinated cyber attacks against establishments as well as Colombia’s Defense Ministry and presidential websites.With such sweeps against suspected Anonymous members turning into more and more common, RFE/RL offers a listing sheet on this shadowy organization.

What is Anonymous?

Anonymous is a loosely organized international movement of on-line activists WHO share similar social and political ideals. Anonymous says it promotes access to data, free speech, and transparency, and conjointly supports various anti-corruption and democratic movements.


How it Operates?

The cluster is usually perceived as anarchic, with no dominant leadership. Basically, individual members createtheir own selections and relay their protest ideas and activities to 1 another via social media. If those ideas and activities gather enough support in this community, a contract is created, dates and virtual “meeting times” area unit set, and participants proceed to launch a campaign to accomplish no matter goal they’ve launched to attain.

What activities is Anonymous well-known for?

The cluster is related to cooperative hacking activities (“hacktivism”) that area unit typically launched as a kind of punitive protest against governmental agencies, business entities, and alternative establishments. Such attacksordinarily are available the shape of denial-of-service (DoS) or distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), thatclose up net websites or alternative Internet-based services. Hackers related to the cluster have claimed cyber attacks starting from minor pranks against varied companies to move down the web site of the U.S. Central administrative body.

Why are international authorities cracking down on Anonymous?

The protest ways Anonymous uses –including DoS and DDoS attacks — violate net usage policies, still because the specific use policies of most net service suppliers. they regularly conjointly violate the laws of nations wherever the attacks occur.

Last year saw many high-profile police sweeps against suspected members of the Anonymous cluster. one amongst the most important of these operations was conducted conjointly by authorities in Great Britain, The Netherlands, and also the u. s.. Those joint raids — that resulted in some twenty arrests, as well as of a 16-year-old boy in London — came once associate Anonymous hacking campaign against the web payment service PayPal and also the Visa and MasterCard credit-card corporations. Those attacks were getting even against those corporations for physical change the accounts of the anti secrecy web site WikiLeaks. A separate series of raids in Turkey resulted within the arrests of some thirty individuals suspected of involvement in cyber attacks against Turkish government websites.