The unbreakable smartphone Alo, concept features gelatinous body and voice commands

A Designer of France, ‘duo’ has unveiled a brand new concept for the future of smartphone, which is created on the base of holograms, voice control and face tracking technology with a translucent jelly-like look. The device, called ‘Alo’, will be crafted in such a way that it fits in the palm of a hand, said Jerome Olivet and Philippe Starck.
Alo will be Controlled by our voice commands, and each time the user wants to view a text message or wants to watch a movie, Alo will show them in a 3D hologram.

“Alo provides a fully vocalised interface in all phone functions, reads SMS and emails, and even allows them to dictate their messages rather than typing  them,” Olivet says ( as quoted on the design website
Alo is linked to a French electronics brand Thompson. It is all designed for voice commands. The device will also have a camera that will detect faces as a security function
The translucent body emits some vibrations by generating heat depending on the activity it is performing and its skin will repair automatically as soon as it gets damaged. Dezeen