Top Torrent Caching Websites to Directly Download Torrent

Torrent files are very efficient for downloading of huge files from the internet. Many people relate torrents as illegal, but that’s not the case each time. Torrents are widely misused for piracy as it uses the peer to peer protocol. The files are not stored on a single server, but are downloaded from many other computers or seeds. Torrents always require a client software such as µtorrent or BitTorrent. For beginners, it can be a bit confusing to use these clients. In that cases, users can use a torrent caching service like that allow them to directly download torrents.
These caching service caches torrents from peer to peer network and store them in a single server.Thus, users could directly download their files without having torrent client.
Here are the some free online torrent caching services.

I do not support piracy, and we trust our users to behave responsibly.


It’s the most popular torrent caching website and that’s free. It caches the uploaded torrent file quickly and you can directly download them with your browsers .They support both .torrent file input and magnet URL input. The free account has limitations such as limited file storage, 2 simultaneous downloads only, throttled download speed, no torrent streaming, etc. One best thing about Zbigz is that they don’t force you to sign up to use the service. is a great torrent caching site. It allows users to cache torrent files of size up to 2GB. offers a 10GB storage and 2 caching slots with the free plan. One great feature is that you can stream videos and music without downloading them.


Filestream allows us to convert torrents to direct download. They offer both paid & free plans. In the free plan, it allows you to download a maximum of 1GB per torrent. Filestream has an Android app too. And to stream videos or movies, you will need a web plugin, however music can be streamed with no extra plugins. Filestream also gives you a referral link to invite your friends and earn money.

At Bitport, you can directly upload torrent files, add link, or search for it. Cached torrents are then saved to your cloud. Bitport requires you to sign up to use their service. But Bitport is not free at all. You have to pay atleast $5 to use it. Other Plans cost 10$ and 15$ per month depending on the features and cloud storage size.


ByteBX is an cloud storage service that has torrent caching abilities. Users can save torrent files up to 2.5 GB for free. ByteBX is very simple to use. Unlike zbigz, you can’t use ByteBX’s service without signing up. Once your torrent is completely cached, then you can directly download it. ByteBX also offers a Chrome plugin that will help users to directly start caching torrents without opening ByteBX. To increase the space, you have to pay more. It’s plans costs around $10 and more depending on the storage.

Quick Torrent

Quick torrent has a torrent search engine within it’s site. But you will have to create an account to use their torrent caching services. You can add the torrents using the search tool, magnet link or remote URL or you can just upload the torrent file. Direct Torrents is a similar website for torrent Caching
Other than these, you can also use browser extensions, such as JSTorrent (for chrome) to download the torrents using the browser. Citrio, a web browser is a free  browser, that has an inbuilt torrent downloader.