Top CyanogenMod Alternatives For Your Android Device

Do you have CyanogenMod on your device and want to switch? This article will help you to choose from the various ROMs as an alternate to CyanogenMod that you will love to flash on your device.

CyanogenMod, is one of the best software in the Android world. However, it is also true that like any other firmware, CyanogenMod comes with few flaws and has room for further improvements. That’s the reason people go for other firmwares.

Here is the list of top CyanogenMod alternatives that will help you to choose which one to flash on your Phone.

Carbon Rom


Carbon Rom is beautiful & it is an elegant Android firmware, which encourages a simple and clean visual interface. It gives users the power to customize the device better and as per your needs, thus making the Android device your very own – something that will reflect your personality and your style.

Carbon Rom is designed brilliantly , and comes with useful and intuitive features. The Rom does not provide any unnecessary features that delivers a fluid and very responsive user experience. In Addition, the Rom offers performance options, that can be further used toimprove the speed and performance of your device.

Carbon Rom packs all of its Rom features under one hood– ‘Carbon Fibres‘. It organizes all the  features under their respective categories. It has many special features like HALO, PIE, lockscreen options, navigation bar, quick settings, active display,  dark mode, etc.

Download it here- Carbon Roms

Slim ROMs


Slim ROMs are also very famous in the world of custom firmwares. Slim ROMs are low in size, but not less  in the features they got.

One of the Slim ROM feature is that its developer team always tries to support most of the popular devices of android. This allows people to maek their devices more stable using the custom firmware for the device.

Slim ROMs comes with very unique and innovative features. Its team does things very differently and  always tries to experiment with their features. and guess what? They most of the time end up with creating something more better. Some of the features Slim ROMs have are SlimPIE, Custom Quick Settings Tiles, Notification Reminder, Slim Recents and Slim Dialer.

Download it here- Slim ROMs



MIUI is a stock Android firmware developed by Xiamoi, the company behind the Mi smartphones. MIUI looks very different from the AOSP – it provides a fast and very unique and heavily customized UI, which tries to give you a simple and refined experience.

MIUI contains lots of privacy and security features. The Anti-Spam protects you from unwanted messages and calls. The Permission Manager shows what an application can get access to. More features include , backup, anti-virus, lite mode, device finder, etc.

MIUI takes the customization to a new level by providing thousands of personalized themes and lockscreens. Other impressive features include toggles drop down bar, cutomizable app switcher, inbuilt app lock, etc.

Download it here- MIUI



AOSB or “Android Open Source Bam project” is a project dedicated to provide your device something new and special. It’s a fast Android system – a firmware which claims that it will boot up in just 2 seconds and then shutdown or reboot only in 1 second.

AOSB is a marvellous ROM and it has many unique and also borrowed features from different custom firmwares. Some features include custom progress bar, animation controls, etc.

AOSB contains features of many popular firmwares. Gesture Anywhere from Chameleon O, OmniSwitch from OmniROM (an app switcher that enhances your multi-tasking capabilities). It also comes with Slim ROM’s Dark UI, HALO, built-in Xposed framework, etc.

Download it here- AOSB


Paranoid Android


Paranoid offers you a mobile experience full of customizations – from user interface types to app colors and themes. It gives you many unique and original features that tries to completely change the phone”s UI according to your needs and make your android device truly yours.

Download it here- Paranoid

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