Capcom ships over 3 million Resident Evil 7 copies

Resident Evil 7 released as a horror masterpiece​ just a few weeks before and is now appearing to resonate extremely well with its fans as well. The game is too an easy thing for newcomers to the games colony. The game has a wide appeal that has helped it succeed in its sales.

Since it is released, Resident Evil 7 has shipped over 3 million copies to retailers worldwide. This isn’t the amount that has been delivered to the customers, but it shows the quantity of demand for this horror game. Capcom has now yet to release its digital sales numbers for Resident Evil 7.

A couple weeks after the release, Capcom stated that they are expected to deliver around 4 million copies of Resodent Evil 7 to their customers. Although they didn’t specified if they meant sold or shipped to consumers, but as far as the game looks, their target is not much. Regardless, Resident Evil 7 is a pretty huge success for Capcom and by this success, they are probably gonna release more sequels very soon.

Resident Evil 7 can be played on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.