RAM Management of High-End Smartphones


Day-by-Day, new phones are launching & taking place of the others. They have extremely fast Snapdragon, Intel, mediatek processors, fast GPUs, Full HD displays, turbo charging, 4K cameras & couple of GBs of RAM. Now here’s the thing, the RAM. It is one of the most important part of a phone as it stores the app accessed memory. It makes the multitasking fast & easy. But nowadays, phones have very poor RAM management. Let us take an example, you are happy with your phone’s performance, but sometimes you see the apps lag a bit. And when you clean all the running apps, you still see that the system is using 2.5 GB of ram from the 4GB . Only 1.5 GB is available to you. Same happens with the 2 GB & 3 GB RAM . But somewhere we see that the other phones with same specs and features except the RAM, have good RAM management. Many of them use just 200 to 600 MB of Ram for the android system. This helps the phone run much faster. This also keeps your phone lag free and cooler and helps multitasking more efficiently. And the low the use of RAM, the more the battery will last. So you should get a phone with a good RAM Management, if you are sort of a heavy user. I would prefer the ASUS Zenfones and the MOTOROLA’s Moto phones.