Top CyanogenMod Alternatives For Your Android Device

Do you have CyanogenMod on your device and want to switch? This article will help you to choose from the various ROMs as an alternate to CyanogenMod that you will love to flash on your device. CyanogenMod, is one of the best software in the Android world. However,

Know more about Jailbreaking : iPhones

You’ve probably know about “jailbreaking”. It’s actually nothing to do with busting out of prison as it spells, but it’s all about unlocking your phone features. Jailbreaking is typically used with the iPhone, one of the most ‘locked down’ phones today. Jailbreak lets you install

Facebook paid $10,000 to a 10 year old boy

A 10-year-old Finnish hacker became Facebook’s youngest bounty hunter after receiving $10,000 for finding a bug in a photo-sharing service Instagram that allowed him to delete user comments. Jani, a Finnish boy, found a bug allowing him to delete any comment on Instagram, including those

Nokia OZO becomes the future tech of VRs

While plenty of major tech companies are pumping cash into the VR future, the market will be doomed unless there’s plenty of great 360-degree video around. Selling face-masking headsets is one half of the equation, so now Nokia is back, and it’s back in a

APPLE Facts You Don’t Know

Apple is the best known Company in Existence. No consumer electronics company has captured the public’s fascination the way Apple has. It’s the company behind iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs and more, but did you know that it once also built a games console, one of the flops in

Behind the Touchscreen Surface

With the innovation of touchscreen show so ordinary nowadays, there is certainly some measure of interest in regards to how it functions. With only one touch of your fingers, your electronic gadgets begin reacting submissively. This seems simply like enchantment at first look, nonetheless, there

Anonymous : What is it and Who’s behind it?

On Feb 28, Interpol proclaimed it had in remission twenty five suspected members of the international hacker group Anonymous. The arrests, carried out in additional than a dozen cities in Europe and Latin america, resulted within the arrogation of many items of PC instrumentation, mobile phones, credit

RAM Management of High-End Smartphones

Day-by-Day, new phones are launching & taking place of the others. They have extremely fast Snapdragon, Intel, mediatek processors, fast GPUs, Full HD displays, turbo charging, 4K cameras & couple of GBs of RAM. Now here’s the thing, the RAM. It is one of the

Sky Runner MK 3.2 is the World’s First Flying ATV

Apart from the flying cars and bikes, a US based company SKYRUNNER has launched a flying ATV which is a off-road sports vehicle. Priced at $120000, powered by a turbocharged 1.0L three-cylinder gasoline engine generating 125-horsepower vehicle that’s capable of hitting 60 mph in 4.3-seconds on land, topping

Apple iPhone SE : The Reinvented 5S

If you cannot pay 50K+ on an iPhone, here’s what you’re probing for. Apple has launched it’s new iPhone SE. Consistent with Apple, “it is the most powerful 4-inch Phone out in the markets” said Greg Joswiak. the design of the iPhone SE is far