Chrome using too much memory? Here’s how to fix it

Make Chrome faster by freeing up RAM

Chrome is one of the best and most powerful browser out there. It’s also the most popular and used browser in the world right now. Chrome is definitely fast and consumes very low memory/RAM. But for some, it stays only for the first few minutes, when you have opened only a few pages. But as soon as you start browsing with more webpages opened at a time, you may find your device lagging. And very soon, you will hear the increasing noise of the processor and fans as the fans start trying to keep the processor cool. And if you check the Memory Consumption of Chrome at that time, you will get to know that the reason for this is Chrome.

Stop Google Chrome for Consuming that much RAM

The General solution of this is to restart Chrome. But then, you will loose your opened webpages, and maybe something important. So instead of getting your pages closed, there’s another trick you can use to restart the Google Chrome without loosing any tabs or pages –

  • Go to the address bar in Chrome and type the text below and hit Enter.


After doing this, your chrome will restart  🙂

Google is continuously trying to make Chrome use low memory and make it more light and powerful. Until they fix this issue, it’s the best way to release RAM used by Chrome.