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Top Torrent Caching Websites to Directly Download Torrent

Torrent files are very efficient for downloading of huge files from the internet. Many people relate torrents as illegal, but that’s not the case each time. Torrents are widely misused for piracy as it uses the peer to peer protocol. The files are not stored on

Top CyanogenMod Alternatives For Your Android Device

Do you have CyanogenMod on your device and want to switch? This article will help you to choose from the various ROMs as an alternate to CyanogenMod that you will love to flash on your device. CyanogenMod, is one of the best software in the Android world. However,

Nokia OZO becomes the future tech of VRs

While plenty of major tech companies are pumping cash into the VR future, the market will be doomed unless there’s plenty of great 360-degree video around. Selling face-masking headsets is one half of the equation, so now Nokia is back, and it’s back in a

Apple iPhone SE : The Reinvented 5S

If you cannot pay 50K+ on an iPhone, here’s what you’re probing for. Apple has launched it’s new iPhone SE. Consistent with Apple, “it is the most powerful 4-inch Phone out in the markets” said Greg Joswiak. the design of the iPhone SE is far

Nokia Lumia 530 : Compact And Reliable Windows Companion

Nokia Lumia 530: Buyers who are out to buy cheap devices & aren’t looking for awesome specs, this one is for them. Its a budget friendly device from NOKIA. Nokia’s main goal with the Lumia 530 was to make it cheaper than its predecessor, and that’s exactly